Wanted this episode to go out A LOT sooner, but stuff happens. In this episode we talk about the Lego NES set and how awesome it’s going to be, which it is, PAXes (PAXi?) combining into one big online convention since none of them could be held in-person due to the current thing happening right now, and new anime finally airing after the lockdown being lifted in Japan. We also have a big discussion about some rumored shakeups going on at Lucas Films with a special guest to help us talk about it.

Opening music by Electronic-Senses from Pixabay


After a long break we’re back with a bunch of changes to not only hosts, but the format to the show as well. Listen in and enjoy!

This week we’re talking about what’s been going on since the last episode of Projekt 132, YouTube channels to watch while you’re stuck at home, the future of movie theaters are since no one can go to them and what that means for movie lineups, an interview with the organizer of the Anime Lockdown online anime convention thing that happened a few months ago, Sony’s PS5, and a review of Zombie Land Saga.