A little late, but up none the less

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The crew is back together to talk about streaming and other things.

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It’s a Gene only episode this week.

I went into Boston to try ShakeShack, finished My Hero Academia Season 3, played some Kingdom Hearts, Mega Man X Legacy Collection, and Octopath Traveler.

Also on the show, Easy Mode Zelda, New Google Devices, More Toys ‘R Us news, news on Marvel’s Iron Fist and Sony giving more things people want!

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Wow look at that! We’ve got another episode up a week after our last one. Hopefully this momentum keeps going… Enjoy the show!

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Hopefully this is the last time I have to say “it’s been a while™” for nice long while. We’re back and catching up on everything that we’ve missed due to illnesses, life and everything else that’s gotten in between. So sit back and have a nice non-alcoholic beverage while you listen to our 2 hour long show!

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Well then it’s been awhile™ since we posted an episode and there’s no excuse for it, except for the fact I (Chris) got super sick and then just couldn’t find all that time to edit this episode. But rejoice as episode 11 is up where we talk about Anime Boston 2017!

Opening song “Ricefield no 2s” by Antti Luode

Well it’s been a long road, but we finally got this episode out all about PAX East 2017.

Opening song “80es sweetness” by Antti Luode

Well this took awhile. This episode was recorded over a month ago and due to business travel two cons, con plague, and more business travel I finally got two seconds to put everything together. It’s mostly unedited since I didn’t want to sit on this anymore that I already have.

In this episode we talk about the Lego Batman Movie flea markets and some other stuff I forget… Enjoy!

This episode almost didn’t get released due to a lot of technical issues that kept coming up, but we got it working.

Listen in as we talk about what we’re watching, the new Anime Amazon Channel and the Nintendo Switch.


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