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Posted to the site on December 22, 2006


Panel: Chris(132 Productions), Evie(, Angelo


Senior VP of Sales and Marketing at A.D Vision, Mike Bailiff, made the interview rounds at ANN and ICV2. The big events from there is the continued streaming of ADV anime at IGN, and the confirmed licensing of Ah! My Goddess Season 2. VIZ Media is pushing some extra content and expanding their coverage in Shojo Beat, including expanded column and manga content. Yoyogi Animation files for corporate rehabilitation after encoring over 2 billion yen in debt. Naruto manga drops from #67 to #133 on the USA Today booklist. In addition, Fruits Basket raised from #265 to #108, we missed this until after our podcast was recorded. This was for the week ending December 17th. The flying machine from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind is on display in Japan.(Pictures) The new Pokemon movie is set to debut July 17th 2007th, this is the tenth movie in the series. Gundam the Ride is set to close at the end of this year. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children the Collectors Edition is set to be released on February 6th with a load of extras including Final Fantasy VII: Last Order!


Hajime No Ippo/Fighting Spirit(Vol. 15)
Fantastic Children(Vol. 6)
Pokemon(Vol. 8-10, Lugia, Charmander, Mudkip/Dub Only)
Macross(Vol. 7/Final Volume ADV Release)
Trinity Blood(Vol. 3)
Kamichu!(Vol. 4)

Anime (Premires/Vol. 1):
Black Cat
Fate/Stay Night
Paradise kiss
Rumbling Hearts
Oroshitate Musical Nerima Daikon Brothers

Anime Box Sets:
Mouse Box
Magical Meow Meow Taruto Box
Yu Yu Hakusho Rebox 3
Tekkaman Blade Box 1(Sub Only)

Golgo 13(Vol. 6)
Hana-Kimi(Vol. 15)
Monster(Vol. 6)
Phoenix(Vol. 9)


We took a look at Ergo Proxy. Chris gave us a run down of the series that we got our hands on so far. Give it a listen, we gave it…… a 9…. out of 10.

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Special Thanks to all of our listeners and behind the scenes contributors who make this podcast possible.

Extra special thanks to 132 Productions for hosting this episode of Super Happy Anime Fun Time.

Posted to the site on December 14, 2006


This is our first episode and we’re glad to be here to deliver the oddest slant of panel podcasting for anime that we can deliver. In this episode we cover a ton of anime news that has flown down the pipes, and by a lot we mean a little though there are quite a few topics. We also cover a review of Fullmetal Alchemist which we love so dear and sadly no call-ins or email to speak of. But that’s OK because its the first episode.

Panel: Chris (132 Productions), Angelo (from um.. World of Warcraft?)


4Kids Stopped production of One Piece at episode 104, aired 78 of them and still stays alive in Japan at 289 episodes(as of this podcast), The Annie Awards have no Anime for consideration, Death Note drops from 4 weeks at #1 to 3rd place, not to mention a possible Death Note spin off, Funimation gets a block of anime in Sacramento, Prince of Tennis and MAR move from Jetstream to full Toonami, Detective Conan(Case Closed) Movie 11 to be released in Japan in April, Broccoli gets some titles, RomeoxJuilet gets a trailer to pick up, Coyote Ragtime Show preview up on IGN, Oscar shines on Paprika which has a sound track up for one, JASRAC jumps on the sue YouTube banner, Canada has a Maid Cafe, and Witchblade Manga will be out in February with both a flipped and unflipped format.


We talked about the anime that dethroned Evangelion, Fullmetal Alchemist. We laughed, we cried, we kissed this anime’s ass.


December 12th

Elemental Gelade(Vol. 4)
Kodocha(Vol. 10)
Hare&Guu(Vol 7/Final Volume)
E’s Otherwise Box
Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu Box

Angel Sancutary(Vol. 17)
Beck(Vol. 6)
Beyblade(Vol. 14)
Bird Kiss(Vol. 2/Final Volume)
Boys over Flowers(Vol. 21)
Excel Saga(Vol. 15)
Fruits Basket(Vol. 15)
Girls Bravo(Vol. 6)
Grenadier(Vol. 2)
Kamiyadori(Vol. 1)
O-Parts Hunter(Vol. 1)
The Law of Ueki(Vol. 3)


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Remember, we love emails, message board posts, comments. Send your email to Any email messages(we’ll read ‘em), audio files(we’ll play ‘em) or other questions.

Special Thanks to all of our listeners and behind the scenes contributors who make this podcast possible.

Extra special thanks to 132 Productions for hosting this episode of Super Happy Anime Fun Time.

So hi everyone! From my office at work.

Let me just get everyone up to speed on what’s going on. Our last episode of 132 was back in June. We did have some delays related to Chris’ issues at work and scheduling a time but that got sorted out. Then the issues at my work began. Long story short, I ended up the only one in the department which meant I was taking on the workload of 3 people so on top of overtime, I had absolutely no time to plan, record or edit episodes of the show. This is especially bad given the amount of awesome stuff to talk about. Including:

Anime Expo
Suicide Squad
Batman V. Superman
X-Men Apocolyse
Independence Day 2
Classic Nintendo
Summer Steam Sale 2016
SGDQ 2016

Just to name a few. Fast forward two months later and we’re finally hiring a new guy to the department but that’s someone I have to train so no relief in sight right away. But, that means relief will be in sight soon. Once I’m back to a reasonable schedule expect normal Projekt 132 episodes to continue. Hopefully as fun as we have made them. I’m really enjoying this show so I really don’t want to let that die out again.

Now the advantage to extra work means extra pay. Extra pay that can go back into the show and future projects. I’ve already put in a big order for a new microphone for my own studio bringing the total count to 3 condenser and 2 directional microphones. Plus some extra cables as well as some more organizational stuff to make recording better and easier. It also makes recording in one spot easier too. We’re also looking for better ways to record as well as record when we are at conventions, which has always been a challenge. But I would love to have episodes done at conventions we visit such as PAX East and Anime Boston, or at the very least segments recorded at conventions. It also means we are secure with our webhosting for the moment as well. Sadly doing the podcasts costs us time and money, and while a lack of content can bring some money to the show… it’s still not bringing you content.

By October I’m projecting I’ll be free enough to return 132 to normal podcasting greatness. With any luck I’d love to expand with two side projects as well if things take off as well as I hope. But that’s a tale for another day. Honestly, I miss sharing everything with you all so please bear with us as I get everything back in line so that we can get back to providing the fun podcast you all want to listen to! Thanks!