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This is our first episode and we’re glad to be here to deliver the oddest slant of panel podcasting for anime that we can deliver. In this episode we cover a ton of anime news that has flown down the pipes, and by a lot we mean a little though there are quite a few topics. We also cover a review of Fullmetal Alchemist which we love so dear and sadly no call-ins or email to speak of. But that’s OK because its the first episode.

Panel: Chris (132 Productions), Angelo (from um.. World of Warcraft?)


4Kids Stopped production of One Piece at episode 104, aired 78 of them and still stays alive in Japan at 289 episodes(as of this podcast), The Annie Awards have no Anime for consideration, Death Note drops from 4 weeks at #1 to 3rd place, not to mention a possible Death Note spin off, Funimation gets a block of anime in Sacramento, Prince of Tennis and MAR move from Jetstream to full Toonami, Detective Conan(Case Closed) Movie 11 to be released in Japan in April, Broccoli gets some titles, RomeoxJuilet gets a trailer to pick up, Coyote Ragtime Show preview up on IGN, Oscar shines on Paprika which has a sound track up for one, JASRAC jumps on the sue YouTube banner, Canada has a Maid Cafe, and Witchblade Manga will be out in February with both a flipped and unflipped format.


We talked about the anime that dethroned Evangelion, Fullmetal Alchemist. We laughed, we cried, we kissed this anime’s ass.


December 12th

Elemental Gelade(Vol. 4)
Kodocha(Vol. 10)
Hare&Guu(Vol 7/Final Volume)
E’s Otherwise Box
Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu Box

Angel Sancutary(Vol. 17)
Beck(Vol. 6)
Beyblade(Vol. 14)
Bird Kiss(Vol. 2/Final Volume)
Boys over Flowers(Vol. 21)
Excel Saga(Vol. 15)
Fruits Basket(Vol. 15)
Girls Bravo(Vol. 6)
Grenadier(Vol. 2)
Kamiyadori(Vol. 1)
O-Parts Hunter(Vol. 1)
The Law of Ueki(Vol. 3)


We’d love to have some call-ins, message board postings, and emails. Send your emails to not only your emails but your audio clips (MP3 format, and less then a minute if possible). And we also have the message boards on the contact us section, check it out. Its hosted by the 132 Productions network. Sign up and post up some posts.

Remember, we love emails, message board posts, comments. Send your email to Any email messages(we’ll read ‘em), audio files(we’ll play ‘em) or other questions.

Special Thanks to all of our listeners and behind the scenes contributors who make this podcast possible.

Extra special thanks to 132 Productions for hosting this episode of Super Happy Anime Fun Time.

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