Well then it’s been awhile™ since we posted an episode and there’s no excuse for it, except for the fact I (Chris) got super sick and then just couldn’t find all that time to edit this episode. But rejoice as episode 11 is up where we talk about Anime Boston 2017!

Opening song “Ricefield no 2s” by Antti Luode

Well it’s been a long road, but we finally got this episode out all about PAX East 2017.

Opening song “80es sweetness” by Antti Luode

Well this took awhile. This episode was recorded over a month ago and due to business travel two cons, con plague, and more business travel I finally got two seconds to put everything together. It’s mostly unedited since I didn’t want to sit on this anymore that I already have.

In this episode we talk about the Lego Batman Movie flea markets and some other stuff I forget… Enjoy!

This episode almost didn’t get released due to a lot of technical issues that kept coming up, but we got it working.

Listen in as we talk about what we’re watching, the new Anime Amazon Channel and the Nintendo Switch.


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We’re back yet again, this time on a more regular schedule. Not too much going on in this episode, just some random talking and catch up. We should be back next week with a regular formatted show.

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Because every episode for a while has a theme, this time it’s Star Wars! We’ll be talking about Star Wars: The Force Awakens now that it’s been out for a while, and on Blu-Ray and DVD, as well as our thoughts on the Rogue One trailer, plus all kinds of other craziness on Projekt 132.

00:00 – Opening, Chris and his Kickstarters
05:13 – Memorial Day Flea Markets
25:55 – Backlog34:21 – Rogue One Thoughts
47:35 – Star Wars: The Force Awakens Thoughts(SPOILERS!)
1:16:26 – Contact Info

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