Now we’re into what we really want to do with the show. No more big huge theme shows, just us talking about what’s going on and what we’re doing and all the geeky stuff around us. Give it a listen!

00:00: Opening, Chris updates us on his DIY PSP, the return of Great Moments in Douchebaggery, Mighty No. 9 Trailer Pt. 1
08:38: Mighty No. 9 Trailer Pt. 2, Backlogs!
14:26: Galaxy in Turmoil(Unofficial Star Wars Battlefront 3 game), CapXAgent 13 hate, Activision Blizzard meets with Nostalrius’ admins, Playstation 4 Neo, Lego Dimensions 2.
42:43: Flea Markets and Thrift Store finds.
56:27: Now you See Me 2 Recap(No Spoilers)
1:09:47: Contact info(See Below!)

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